The strtr() function translates certain characters in a string. Note: If the from and to parameters are different in length, both will be formatted to the length of the shortest. For Example: So the output will be Proficient Designers For the[.....]Read More
Hello Folks!, today i came up with a tip for all web developers who’re wondering how to install SSL in localhost (XAMPP). So finaly here is the solution for how to Create Valid SSL in localhost for XAMPP. Google announced[.....]Read More
Themes & Plugins

pd Woo Tracking Order
Released On: September 22, 2019
Updated On: January 24, 2021

You can set the custom Woocommerce Order Status and can able to add a Tracking ID of your carrier service provider with a nice front end user interface of tracking system.


pd Android FCM Push Notification
Released On: June 17, 2018
Updated On: January 6, 2021

pd Android FCM Push Notification is a plugin through which you can send push notifications directly from your WordPress site to smart devices…